Assessment Checklist

A week or two before your appointment:

  • Gather or download all report cards from JK to present
  • Find copies of any IEPs
  • Find copies of any other professional reports (pediatrician report, speech/language assessment, etc)
  • Invite current classroom teacher to send a quick email outlining needs and strengths of student:
  • Tell your child that they will be completing activities to see how their brain learns and processes their emotions
  • If your child is a teenager – ask them to refrain from using alcohol or cannabis within 48 hours of their appointment

The day of your appointment:

  • Come to the appointment well-rested: a good night’s sleep is important.
  • Have a good breakfast!
  • Make sure your child takes their medications
  • Make sure everyone is healthy – if you are sick: text me at 343-363-4479 and we will reschedule ASAP
  • If roads are icy or buses are not running, do not put yourself in danger; text me at 343-363-4479 to determine the plan

What to bring with you:

  • All documents you collected (report card, IEP, previous assessments, etc)
  • Glasses, hearing aids, or other devices your child regularly uses
  • Snacks – there are snacks in my office but if your child prefers their own they are welcome to bring them!